Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Beauty Trends

Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Beauty Trends

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably ready to bid adieu to 2021 and welcome the new year. It’s the end of December, and new resolutions beckon just around the corner. The possibilities are endless.

But before you turn the corner into 2022, make sure you send off the current year looking and feeling your absolute best. After all, getting a head start makes it that much easier to carry the good vibes into the new year.

We also know that your NYE celebration might still look a little different this year. So we’ve handpicked a few New Year’s Eve beauty trends that can be adapted to any sort of celebration.

Read on for our picks of standout makeup, nails, and hair trends to elevate your New Years’ Eve look.

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Seeing Double

New Years’ Eve is a time to go bold, but that doesn’t always have to mean black and gold or glitter on everything. This year, we opted for a versatile look that truly lets you make it your own.

Our top pick this season is this contrasting dual eyeshadow look, modeled here by Kaley Cuoco. This style shows that you can still be dramatic and play with contrasts regardless of your color palette.

Now, if dramatic and sparkly tones are still your vibe – you can never go wrong on NYE. But the thing we love about this look is that it’s adaptable to whatever your celebrations look like this year. Whether you’re going full glam or keeping it low-key, this look lets you make it your own.

The best part? It works for whatever you’re working with. Whether you’re going for all-out glam, a statement bold eye, or a subtle look – it’s playful, dramatic, and totally unexpected.

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new year's eve beauty trends


Crystal Chic

If we could manifest a great year just based on our NYE mani, we totally would. Whether you’re a crystal collector or not, you can still take advantage of these beautiful and versatile stones in your nail art. 

Why are crystal-inspired nails perfect for New Year’s Eve? They’re close enough to tried-and-true winter favorites like ice and snow, but easy to touch up for some added NYE glamour. And with such a variety of stones to choose from, you’re bound to find one that complements your look. 

The great thing about this look is that you can take it in whatever direction you like. You could opt for subtle swirls or get detailed with an intricate geode design

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new year's eve beauty trends


Bring the Bling

A wise woman once said: if you can put jewels in your hair, you should. We don’t make the rules, we just follow them. 

We love this trend because it works with any type of hair texture, length, and style. But it also fits into whatever hairstyle you choose to rock for your New Year’s celebration. 

There are so many ways to accessorize your hair for New Year’s Eve. Depending on your style, you could try something classic like delicate pearls or bold rhinestones. You could get fancy with strands or studs, or adorn your ‘do with a hairpiece or comb. 

For some serious hair inspo, check out this dazzling holiday transformation by the one-and-only Kim Kimble. 

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However you’re choosing to ring in the New Year, we at Booksy hope you have a wonderful and safe celebration. See you in 2022! 

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