Best self-care & style trends for men to look out for in 2023

The new year is fast approaching, and so is the time for trend predictions. Last year men were encouraged to experiment with their personal styles and try out self-care habits often wrongly perceived as “women-only territory”. Fortunately, more and more men prove that taking care of one’s mind and body is a vital part of healthy masculinity, and this year we are sure to see even more evidence of that. If you are curious about what awaits us in 2023 when it comes to fashion, grooming and self-care, then stay with us a little longer!

1. Skincare, skincare and even more skincare

In 2021, we’ve seen more and more skincare companies launching products in gender-neutral packaging and targeting all people, not just women, with their marketing campaigns. It’s truly about time to finally break this strange belief that only one social group needs to take care of their skin. Furthermore, it’s also crucial to openly talk about different skincare needs and personalised rituals, instead of simply slapping the “for men” tag on a bottle of liquid that is supposed to work as a hand wash, hair wash, shampoo, disinfectant and engine oil.

What’s in store for 2023, then? For sure, we will see further changes in how products are designed and advertised. Expect to see fewer labels that say “for women” and “for men”, and more that say “for sensitive skin”, “for oily skin” and so on. Skincare has no gender, and the unnecessary distinction hurts us all, men, women and non-binary folk alike.

We can also expect further development when it comes to sunscreen formulas. Many men admit to avoiding sunscreen, as they claim that it irritates their acne-prone skin and makes them uncomfortably shiny and sticky. Indeed, men’s skin has more sebaceous glands and tends to produce more sebum, which is why so many men react negatively to richer formulas. With more skincare products designed with their needs in mind, we should see an influx of lighter, gel formulations and cosmetics with a comfortable matte finish.

Men skincare for 2023

2. A big comeback of 90s hairstyles

You’ve probably already seen centre-part hairstyles all around the city for the whole of 2022, but you may not be ready for what’s next to come. Does the term “frosted tips” evoke fear in your heart? If you were hoping that icy-blonde balayage is a thing of the past, think again. We are sure to see nostalgic fashionistas rocking them this year.

What else is going to make a big comeback? Soft, wavy mullets seem to be rising in popularity, as well as really big, lush afros for those of us who were blessed with a coily skin texture. Seemingly tousled, natural-looking, straight-out-of-bed styles that seem effortless and endlessly charming, seem to be all the rage for 2023.

Men hairstyles tips

3. Clothes? Retro, but make it comfy!

Talking about 90s inspirations – get ready to pair your retro hairstyle with an equally retro outfit, because throwbacks to the past decades are going to be everywhere. However, it will not be stiff, over-the-top looks where you have to plan each element carefully. No, 2023 will be all about taking inspiration from the most comfortable clothing from the 90s!

What to expect, then? Do you remember the glorious jumpsuits, jumpers and jackets with colour-blocked designs in vivid shades that used to be a universal “it” design for all ages and genders? In 2023, they are going to make a big comeback. Additionally, we are likely to see more loose fits, oversized plate shirts, classic blue jeans, bright-coloured Ts and even some bucket hats. Although this kind of retro look is definitely stylish, it’s also very comfy – and that’s the main quality we are looking for this year.

Men outfits

4. Go big or go home: the return of bushy beards!

While we are on the topic of plate shirts – in 2023 we are likely to see some “hipsterish” facial hair trends coming back to grace. However, this time around, there is more emphasis on proper beard care. While a few years ago grooming products weren’t as popular, nowadays every bearded bandit knows well that proper care is key if you want to rock a long beard. Additionally, you can’t really experiment with moustache shapes without oils and waxes!

What styles will be the most popular in 2023? “Hipster beard”, full yet neatly trimmed, with a curled up ‘stache seems to be rising in popularity. You can also see trendsetters with “ducktails”, slightly pointy, elongated beards that make your face appear more narrow. If you would prefer the opposite, namely: to add a little volume on the sides to create an illusion of a more square face, a boxed beard may be a good choice for you. It has a bit more length around the chin and features an extension from the sideburns down to the chin.

Regardless of whether you are planning to follow the trend or to follow your heart when it comes to the self-care and style choices this year, it’s definitely time to start planning your New Year appointments! Find your favourite (or new favourite) barber, stylist or personal trainer on Booksy and book the visit with just a few clicks, from any place at any time.

Men beard trends

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