6 ways in which using the Booksy app makes your life easier

6 ways in which using the Booksy app makes your life easier

Okay, you already know that booking your appointments online is the way to go (although you occasionally miss driving your favourite stylist absolutely bananas going back and forth with the date you want for four hours straight in her Instagram DMs). However, you may not be entirely convinced that you really need that Booksy app. We get it. How about we give you quick 6 reasons why it will make your life easier and the experience of getting pampered even better? Buckle up and let’s give it a shot!

1. Life is chaotic, your plans are liquid – Booksy helps you to stay in control

It would be perfect to always be able to stick to your original plans – however, the only certain thing in life is uncertainty, or, to put it more simple: stuff happens. Some sudden shift in schedule can get you off the track very quickly and that can be annoying.

Picture this: you are having a sudden emergency and are forced to reschedule your root touch-up. Normally, you would have to grab the phone, try to reach your stylist and go through the process of settling on a new date and time all over again. Do you have the time and mental capacity to do that right now? Not really, your tooth hurts so badly (doesn’t it have anything better to do on Thursday afternoon?!) and you are in the rush to reach your doc before closing hours. Fortunately, you have the Booksy app – you open it, you click a few buttons and boom, your touch-up is rescheduled for Monday. Things can get overly complicated out of nowhere, so Booksy makes sure that at least this one stays simple!

2. You may be forgetful… but your Booksy app surely isn’t!

Raise your hand if you ever forgot about an appointment and realised it only after your massage therapist or nail technician send you a “Where are you?” message (and you were at home. In your pyjamas. Eating ice cream). Yeah, been there, done that – not my proudest moment either.

If you have the Booksy app, you can not only count on your service provider sending you a reminder via text message but also on receiving a push notification inside the app – no way to forget about your plans now! No matter if you are super busy or just the opposite – you leave your lair so rarely that your brain tends to reject the idea that it’s happening today, Booksy has you covered.

3. Booksy app will ?shooow you the wooorld?… (or, to be precise: help to discover the best businesses in your neighbourhood!)

Truth be told, many of us have no clue that there are so many cool businesses out there. You may be living one street away from the best barbershop in town and have no idea! Booksy helps you to re-discover your neighbourhood – turn on your location services and see for yourself how many interesting local businesses list themselves on Booksy. You can check their price lists, browse portfolios and read the opinions of other clients. We want you to find your new favourite spot in the area and the Booksy app is the perfect tool to lead you there!

4. You can always get what you want thanks to Booksy’s Waitlist

If your stylist is a true maestro of their trade you may find yourself struggling to book an appointment on a perfect date – especially if you are doing so last minute. Let’s not even mention the weeks before the winter Holidays or the early summer months when everyone wants to look their best for their voyages! Sure, in a perfect world you would plan your appointments months in advance, but we already had a talk on “perfect worlds”. Sometimes you just find yourself in need to find a free slot on Friday afternoon, even if currently it is late Thursday night, and it is what it is!

This is why Booksy introduced Waitlist – a feature that is truly a staple for app users. It’s very simple yet effective – if you see no slots available for your preferred date, you can join a waiting list. You choose whether or not you are interested only in appointments on that particular day, or are you open for the day before and a day after. As soon as a spot becomes available, you get a notification. It happens ever so often that someone cancels last minute, so with this feature you have a big chance of getting what you want, no matter how late it is!

5. You can forget your wallet as much as you want – in-app payments are a thing!

When you are using the Booksy app you can literally leave your home with nothing but your phone in your pocket. You do not have to carry any cash with you or bother with cards – not to even mention that the pandemic has taught us that contactless payment is sometimes more than just a convenience. With Booksy checkouts get faster, safer and easier than ever before.

Important note: not every business allows payments through the Booksy app – check provider details on their Business Profile before the appointment!

6. Buying and managing gift cards gets easier than ever before

We can all agree that there is no better gift than a gift of ✨relaxation✨. The popularity of gift cards to health & beauty salons keeps rising, as they make wonderful presents for anyone and for any occasion. Father’s Day? Your dad would really appreciate a professional massage. Valentine’s Day? Your girlfriend will love an opportunity to get a full-on hair makeover. Your brother’s birthday? He always wanted a bead grooming session but never had the guts to get it for himself! Gift cards are universal, practical and whimsical at the same time and we love them for it.

Do you know what is even cooler and easier to buy and manage than a gift card? An e-gift card. And you know what is even cooler-er and easier-er to buy and manage than that? An e-gift card inside the Booksy app! You can easily find businesses that offer e-gift cards, choose the option most fitting for you, buy it with just a few clicks and easily send it to the recipient all within the app. The person who receives the voucher does not have to worry about losing it or forgetting to bring it for their appointment – it is always right there on their phone. Furthermore, it’s much easier to control the expiration date and value of the voucher. There is no room for mistakes or any other issues – Booksy’s e-gift cards are the best way to bring some much-needed spark of happiness to someone’s life ✨.

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